Ideas for Your Bathroom Remodel

The first task in bathroom remodelling is to work out what you want design-wise. The cost of improvements is crucial too. Here are some ideas to help in this initial planning stage.

Saving Money

If you want to stay within your budget, you may have to economise on some features so you can be lavish with others. You can then splash out on a pricey travertine vanity top or natural stone tiles if that's what you want. One way to conserve money for luxury things is to use the current bathroom layout, leaving the shower and basin where they currently lie. That way, you won't have to move and pay extra for plumbing pipes.

You may also be able to save money by shopping for deals on taps and showerheads using well-known and safe brands. Your contractor won't have as much time to research. However, check with them, as they may get wholesale prices for such items.

Renovating A Small Bathroom

If you're renovating a small bathroom, you can opt for design choices to make it appear larger. Keep the colour palette to soft pale pinks, greys, whites and beiges, for example. Using these light-reflective shades throughout will give the bathroom a seamless flowing feel. Natural stone tiles or ceramic faux versions will add subtle patterns that bring warmth to the decor.

If you prefer white tiles, you could create interesting designs by laying oblong tiles vertically and setting other sections with hexagon tiles or in a zigzag pattern. A similar white colour will unite the space and stop the distinct patterns from feeling overwhelming. You can always add drama in small pieces with black matte tapware or light fittings. Another tip for enhancing bathroom proportions is to install a wall-hung vanity. This will reveal more flooring and give the impression of space. You could also build a niche into the shower to hold shampoo and conditioner to preserve the shower area.

Timber Look Flooring

Timber floors give a room a warm look. In theory, this is perfect for a bathroom full of hard, cold surfaces. But in practice, wood can quickly become water damaged. To prevent this, you can lay faux timber ceramic tiles instead. They come in all the tones of actual timber, in shades of pink, tan, black, grey or whitewashed. Because bathroom floors don't often feature wood, the space will look more unique. You can also install under-tile heating so that they'll feel warm.

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The first task in bathroom remodelling is to work out what you want design-wise. The cost of improvements is crucial too. Here are some ideas to help