Two reasons to get roller blinds for your kitchen instead of a pair of curtains

If you're looking to enhance your kitchen area, here are some reasons why you should consider installing roller blinds instead of curtains.

1. It's easy to protect a roller blind from food, drink, steam and smoke

If you get roller blinds for your kitchen window, it's much easier to protect this window dressing from food, drink, steam and smoke than other materials. If for example, you're going to be making a big batch of tomato soup, you can shield the blind from soup droplets by simply fully rolling the blind up. Doing this will also minimise the amount of smoke and steam that clings onto the blind fabric when you're cooking greasy foods or are frying things at high temperatures. This, in turn, will not only mean the blind will look good for a long time but will also mean you won't have to take it down and clean it too often.

In contrast, if you put curtains up on your kitchen window, it will be impossible to avoid splattering them or to protect them from smoke or steam, because you won't be able to roll them up and compress them in the way that you could do to a roller blind. As such, they will quickly end up stained, grimy and smelly.

2. A roller blind is a safer choice for a kitchen window

Roller blinds are also a safe choice for kitchen windows. Unlike a curtain, a roller blind has a weighted base in its hem. Because of this, it won't get blown around if the extractor fan is on or the window is open. Furthermore, if there is a breeze and you want to keep the kitchen window open, you can just roll the blind up to keep it out of the way. Conversely, even if you use tiebacks on your curtains, there is still a chance that they could come undone and that the curtains could go flying towards your counter or cooker.

As such, a roller blind will be less likely to sway in the direction of, and get lit on fire by a switched-on hob, or to knock over a mug of burning-hot tea. This, in turn, means that you're likely to experience far fewer accidents in your kitchen if you have a roller blind rather than some curtains.

If it's time to update your kitchen area, reach out to local contractors to learn more about roller blinds.

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