Reasons To Choose Engineered Stone Kitchen Benchtops From Your Wholesaler

The choice of kitchen benchtop material is a crucial decision when you're renovating. One way to get the best deal and thus to free up your options is to shop wholesale. Read on to discover the reasons to install one countertop in particular—engineered stone.

Less Fuss And Bother

With this substance, you can use your benchtop relatively freely without too much fuss and bother. You won't have to re-seal it every year or so as you do with natural stone. The reason for this is that engineered stone contains binding agents that create a robust, non-porous surface, resistant to heat extremes and scratching. However, it's still wise to use a trivet for hot pans and cutting boards when preparing food. If, conversely, you install a solid natural stone benchtop, you'll need to seal it regularly and take extra care.

Displays Beauty

Another reason to install engineered stone counters is that—despite their extra sturdiness—they display the beauty of natural stone minus all the fuss. Typically, they consist of about 93% crushed natural stone mixed with about 7% bonding agents. Thus, they're primarily made up of natural stone, though in a crushed or powdered form. Therefore it's no wonder that engineered stone displays a lovely organic-looking patina that resembles a solid stone benchtop.

Offers Consistent Appearance

You may have multiple bench areas in your kitchen and so will need several countertops. In a situation like this, you need consistent materials so that all the regions match. Engineered stone guarantees predictable results. If you choose a fawn-speckled design, for instance, all counters will display the same look. The manufacturing process provides control as producers can hand-pick the crushed stone they add to create benches with uniform colours and tones. On the other hand, natural stone slabs can vary widely, giving an inconsistent appearance if you install several in the same kitchen. Though, this does mean that each natural rock counter is unique.

Better For The Environment

Engineered stone benches lighten the burden on the environment by relying on crushed and powdered stone rather than large slabs. The means engineered stone can make use of leftover, smaller rock pieces. Thus mined natural stone will go further as everything can be used, and less of the rock goes to waste.

Thus engineered stone is a material that contains rock elements within its mix, providing these counters with a natural organic look. However, resins and other materials create more resilient and less porous surfaces than natural stone alone. Ask your kitchen benchtop supplier about other possible materials to consider. 

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