So You've Decided to Buy From a Wholesale Tree Nursery, Great! But Don't Forget These Three Things

Buying new plants and trees is always exciting whether it is for your home or to pretty up your business. A wholesale tree nursery is the best place to get great deals on everything from saplings to trees well on their way into adulthood. If you need a lot of trees or a large variety of different trees, a wholesale tree nursery should be your first stop. However, before you start bringing home plants from the wholesale tree nursery, you need to be prepared to accommodate them or they could die quite quickly. Here are three things you need to be prepared for.

Have The Holes Dug and Ready

While you won't be able to know the exact dimensions of your new trees before you get them in-hand, you should roughly know how old and tall they are. From that, you can guess just how large of a hole you need to put them in. The less time they spend out of the earth the better, and plotting out where you will put them ensures a fast transfer into a natural habitat. It also allows you to visualise how many trees you need and what it will look like, which is helpful for your design planning.

Have Fertiliser and Mulch Ready

The last thing you want to do is to have to constantly be going out to get new supplies for your new trees. Before they arrive it is important that you check whether you are well stocked in the fertiliser and mulch department. These two ingredients will help your tree take hold and grow faster than they would without any additional help. They are both easy to find and often sold at the same wholesale tree nursery that you get the trees from. Ask the assistants there what they recommend and what the trees you have purchased are used to. 


It is all well and good to buy a bunch of trees, but now you are left with a new problem: how do you get them to the destination? There are two solutions, and both require a different sort of planning. Firstly, you can transport them yourself, which is the only option for some people who live far away from their wholesale tree nursery. You will need to rent a truck and protect it with a tarp while trying to keep the internal temperature quite low so the trees don't dry up. Alternatively, you can have the wholesale tree nursery deliver your trees for you, which is recommended if possible. They have more purpose-built vehicles and are better at loading/unloading trees than you would be. Either way, be prepared for an additional cost and factor that into your total sale price. 

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