Do You Need a Custom Kitchen?

Getting kitchen cabinets and accessories from a home goods supplier can be an excellent way to save money on a kitchen renovation, but these items may not be sufficient for your needs in particular. For some individuals and families, a custom kitchen design can be well worth the investment of time and money, as it will mean a kitchen space that is better suited to your individual food prep and storage needs. Note a few considerations that might suggest you need a custom kitchen design for your home.

You prepare a lot of fresh foods

If you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet or just enjoy preparing fresh food items, you may find that the size of standard benchtops is not sufficient for all the chopping and mixing you do every day. You may also need more accessible storage for the knives and hand tools that you use for food prep and cooking. A custom kitchen design can include plenty of benchtop space between the sink and stove and might also include custom hooks, racks and other storage items that will hold small tools and accessories you need when cooking.

You use a lot of small appliances

While most households will have a toaster and coffeemaker, some persons like to consistently use a number of additional small appliances in the kitchen, such as a waffle iron, crock pot, juicer, food processor and the like. Putting these items away so they don't clutter up the benchtop while also keeping them accessible can be a challenge, but a kitchen designer can work with you to create all the storage you need. This could include a tall and narrow cupboard with interior shelves that actually pull out and fold down so you can easily store those appliances on a high shelf without needing a step stool! A custom kitchen can also include more electrical outlets so you always have the plugs you need to support all those appliances.

You have pets

If you have a number of pets or very large dogs, you may want to discuss custom kitchen plans with a designer. He or she can create a separate space for pet bowls so that their dinnertime mess is better contained and easy to clean up. A kitchen designer can also create custom cupboards or cabinets for storing pet food bags and tins of soft food, as well as leashes, collars, medication and whatever else is needed to keep your pet supplies organised.

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