4 Genius Ways to Enhance the Beauty of Your Staircase

Your staircase can frustrate you when you are decorating your house. You may want it plain because it experiences a lot of traffic, but then the plain look may not be pleasing to your eyes? So what should you do to make your staircase as pretty as the rest of the house? Below are 4 genius ideas to pick from.

Change your staircase balustrade

It is a common misbelief that a staircase balustrade has to look one certain way if it is in a home setting. People have therefore not bothered to explore the any ideas that are available for the staircase balustrade. You can use three main materials for your staircase balustrade: wood, metal and glass. Each of these materials has their own pros and cons. Some people have even opted to use a combination of two different staircase balustrade materials to increase strength and aesthetic value. Research more on the three materials and decide which one you want to incorporate. Metal and wood provide more room for customization while glass offers a more solid option.

Carpet your stairs

A different technique to use is carpeting your staircase. Installing a semi-permanent full staircase carpet shifts the look from plain to elegant. You can choose what colour to go with for the best results. Carpets are beneficial in that they help in maintaining the state of the stairs meaning less repairs in the future. A carpet is also easy to wash and maintain.

Colour your staircase

From piano colours to rainbow colours, people have used their staircases as canvases in their homes. The advantage of paint is that you still have the same stairs without covering them up, yet they have a new appearance. Painting also allows you customize your staircase to your complete preference, something that carpets do not allow you to fully do.

Use plants

Place plant pots at the edge of your staircase in between the staircase balustrade spaces. You can use different coloured and shapes plant pots to create a better look. Not only will the plant pots beautify your staircase, you will also be improving the air quality of your home thanks to the new plants. You can also choose to use a creeping plant which when it is fully-grown creates a curtain like formation over your staircase balustrade making the appearance the more attractive. Make sure to water the plants for you to have the best results. Otherwise, they will be just empty pots on a staircase.

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