What Many Homeowners Question About Residential Security Doors

Strong security doors are a good choice for any home, even if you assume that you live in a low-crime neighbourhood, as it only takes one burglary for you to lose everything valuable in your house! Security doors also offer more insulation than standard doors, and block out more exterior noise. Note a few questions that many homeowners have about residential security doors, and this can tell you if they would be a good choice for your home, and will also help ensure that your home is as secure as possible.

Transferring the lock

If you want a new security door but don't want to make new keys for everyone in the family, you might assume that you can just transfer your current doorknobs and deadbolts to your new security door. This is often a possibility, but it may not be recommended. Older and flimsier locks may be easier for someone to pick or to force open with a pry bar; an intruder may even be able to simply smash the door open if it's secured with a thin deadbolt, or with no deadbolt at all. To ensure your home is properly secured, invest in a security door with thick and strong locks rather than simply transferring the current locks to the doors.

Best material

Homeowners often question the "best" material for a security door, and no doubt a steel door is very difficult to break, bend or pry open. It's also virtually impossible to simply cut through a steel door, unless you have a blowtorch! However, fibreglass and vinyl are also very durable and strong, and virtually impossible to cut; car bodies are even made of fibreglass because the material is so strong. A solid wood door can be cut, but the dense wood used for security doors is not easy to splinter. Rather than worrying about the "best" security door, choose one in a style you like and ensure it has thick, sturdy locks, and your home will be very secure.


Because security doors are meant to fit snugly in their own frame, a homeowner may wonder if they tend to get stuck and are hard to manage. In truth, the sturdy frame of a security door should keep it from getting stuck, as it will reduce the risk of the door starting to sag and pull away from the home's framework. In turn, the door should fit properly but you should have little issues with it actually getting stuck or needing a strong push just to open it.

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