A Few Features to Look For When Choosing Fly Screens

Fly screens are a good choice for any home, as these screens not only keep out flying insects, but also create a barrier for crawling pests, including bugs, lizards, scorpions and snakes. Fly screens may also reduce the amount of dust and pollen that make their way into your home, something to consider if anyone in the family has allergies or sensitivities. When choosing fly screens, you might note some features to look for, and which can ensure you're comfortable with your choice for many years to come.

Quick release

There are many retractable fly screens, so you can roll them up, and then over a door or window. A good choice for these screens is a quick release latch. This immediately and quickly retracts a screen that is partially open, if the cassette senses any type of pressure. This type of quick release can ensure that you can easily escape the home if there is a fire or other emergency.

On the other hand, if you have children in the home, you may want the exact opposite of a quick release, and choose a fly screen with a locking mechanism. This will lock the screen in place when it's partially opened, so a child cannot open the screen and get out of the house or fall through a window.


Aluminium screens are very durable and have a classic look; however, aluminium does conduct both heat and cold, so aluminium screens may actually get very warm on hot summer days. Vinyl-coated polyester screens are much cooler in summertime, and even block the sun's UV rays, which can then protect your home's timber floors, furniture, houseplants and the like. In a sun room, vinyl-coated polyester can even protect your own skin from sun damage!


The smaller the mesh, the fewer insects and the less dust that can make its way into your home. Smaller mesh will also cut down on bothersome wind, something to consider for a sun room, dining room and the like. Tightly woven mesh can also mean less sunlight getting into a space, so that a room is cooler throughout the summer months.

However, you may not want to block sunlight in every room of your home, especially for those rooms with smaller windows or for spaces that don't get much sunlight. In those cases, choose a larger mesh and a lighter colour of screen, to allow sunlight to get through that screen and into the home's interior space.

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