Patio Décor: 3 Things to Consider When Choosing Curtains for Your Patio

The patio is a functional space that makes a great chill out zone during the hot and breezy months of the year. That's why it's worth decorating the area to create a relaxing and welcoming space that you can use to meditate, read a book, take a nap, or even work on your laptop. One of the ways to revamp your patio space is by installing outdoor curtains. Curtains bring out the patio as an extension of the indoor living area and increase its functionality. So, as the outdoor sun beckons you to the outdoors, have these factors in mind as you consider purchasing outdoor curtains for your patio.

Think about the framing

Unlike indoor curtains, patio curtains do not come with rods or a frame to hang them. You need to come up with an architectural framework for hanging the drapes. So, before you go shopping for the right curtains, think about the design you want. Of course, the framing should be designed in a shape that covers all the corners of the patio. Work with a designer so that they can help you assess the style of the patio and find the best design for the framework. Once this is done, you can proceed to purchase the curtain rods and other materials required for the framing.

Go for heavy curtains

You may be dreaming about having light sheers that sway in the wind and create a sweet breeze on your patio. However, unless you have a way of taming the sheers, a light material may not be the best choice. Light sheers will do little to block out solar radiation. Also, most light materials will fade or wear quickly due to exposure to harsh weather. Go for heavy curtains that will block out the annoying solar rays and allow you to enjoy time on your patio. Also, heavy curtains keep insects out, especially those that are attracted to light during the night. What's more, they are durable and more resilient to harsh weather conditions.

Set a mood with colour

Don't just go for patio curtains due to their functionality. Consider using them to set a mood in your patio. For example, you can choose warm colours that give the space a lively mood and feel. Match the curtains to the couch, pillows, or accent features in the patio to create a welcoming atmosphere. Take note of the colour used on the tiebacks, ribbons, or bungee cords. This can also significantly contribute to the overall look of your curtains when you tie them back during the day.

Patio curtains are a great addition to your outdoor living space. Contact an expert who can help you design custom drapes that fit your patio and meet your taste.

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