3 Key Concepts A Kitchen Designer Will Consider When Planning Your New Kitchen

When it comes to home improvement projects, a kitchen renovation is one of the most highly desirable jobs on the list. A new kitchen can transform an older home in a way that few other remodelling projects can. As a nation, Australians are spending more and more of their time in the kitchen. It's a room that's no longer simply a space to cook in, it's also a place to socialise, work and dine.

As a multi-function room, a great kitchen can be a little complicated to get right. There are many elements and features that need to be brought together in a cohesive, practical and attractive way. For this reason, the planning stage of the project is vital and should be tackled thoroughly before any physical work even begins.

Whether you have an average sized kitchen or one that is considerably smaller or larger than normal, it can be difficult to come up with the ideal design yourself. This is where the experience and talents of a kitchen designer can be invaluable. If you're considering hiring a designer to create your new kitchen plan, then here are three of the key concepts they'll focus on.

1. Layout

A good layout is crucial in a kitchen and will ensure that you maximise the space you have available and that using the room is intuitive, practical and enjoyable. The layout encompasses the shape of the kitchen, such as galley style, u-shaped or open plan, as well as where the main features and appliances will be located. The ever desirable work triangle, of the stovetop, fridge and sink, will certainly be accommodated by a professional designer.

2. Ergonomics

A custom designed kitchen will ensure that your personal needs are accommodated by adjusting standard sizing and heights as needed. Benchtop height is a prime example of this, as standard heights are less than ideal if you're taller or shorter than average. If you're left-handed, your designer can even make minor adjustments to the design to make using the kitchen more natural.

3. Budget

Kitchen budgets vary dramatically from household to household. Whether you have a hefty sum allocated for your new kitchen or want to keep costs low, proper planning is an integral part of keeping the project within the financial limit you have set. A kitchen designer plays a key role in bringing your project in on budget and will know what items you can splurge on or take the cost-effective option on without compromising on the overall look and feel you want.

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