How to Keep Carpets Clean and Looking Like New

It takes more than just vacuuming alone to keep carpets in a home clean and looking like new; obviously running the vacuum cleaner will help to remove visible dirt, hairs, food crumbs and other debris, but this isn't enough to remove ground-in mud, pet and human hair that is clinging to carpet fibres and so on. The wrong type of vacuum cleaner can also actually damage carpet fibres, which then makes the carpet look old, worn and threadbare, no matter its actual age. To ensure you're doing everything you can to keep your home's carpets clean and looking their best, note a few tips to keep in mind.

The right vacuum cleaner

Carpeting that has very delicate fibres, such as silk or lightweight cotton, or loop carpet styles, like Berber or woven carpets, should be cleaned with suction alone. A beater bar on a vacuum can pull on delicate fibres, or pull loop carpet fibres out of place, so that the carpet looks threadbare, or you have visible, loose threads along the carpet surface.  

On the other hand, a vacuum that only works with suction may not properly clean long, loose fibres and taller nap. Be sure you're using the right vacuum cleaner according to the carpet in your home, to keep it looking new and to ensure it's thoroughly cleaned.

Cleaning stains

When cleaning stains from a carpet, you may blot it up and then use a liquid solution to remove it. However, this may not be enough to remove the stain from below the surface of the carpet, so that the fibres of the carpet are still holding that debris. In turn, those fibres may get matted down and look very worn. Use a scrub brush or even club soda to clean stains, as this will help pull up all the ground-in debris, and make the carpeting look new again.

Air purifier

Your home's carpeting don't get dirty just from what you track in with your shoes, but dust and dirt in the air settle onto the carpets, and then get ground in over time. Using an air purifier in the home can help remove some of that dust and dirt that's in the air, so that it doesn't settle onto the carpets. It's also good to ensure you change the filter in your home's furnace regularly, and have the ductwork cleaned every year, or as often as needed. This will protect the carpets and allow you to breathe cleaner air as well!

Contact a carpet cleaning service for more tips on keeping your carpet looking great.

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