When to Update Your Home's Window Treatments

You may not give much thought as to your home's window treatments, but the curtains, blinds, and shades you have on the windows can either enhance the look of the room or actually detract from it. Window treatments can also function to do much more than just block light! If you haven't updated your home's window treatments in some time, note when and why it can be good to consider this, and how these new choices can be more functional overall.

When the windows are draughty

Getting new windows can be expensive, so you might consider some more affordable alternatives to keeping a room warm in wintertime. You might add some weather-stripping to the windows, and this can help to cut down on drafts around the window frame, but this won't block out the cold that passes through old and thin glass. Thick curtains with an insulating panel in the back can help to keep out that cold air, or you might consider thick, insulating roller shades. These both cover the glass and not just the window frame, helping to control a home's interior temperature. You can even add a motor and timer to curtains and shades so that they close at sunset, insulating the home from the ensuing cold without you having to go from room to room and manually close the window treatments.

You're bringing children or pets into the home

If you have blinds or shades with cords, this can be dangerous for children and pets, as they might wrap that cord around themselves or tug on it, potentially pulling the window treatment off the wall. Children can also grab onto curtains while toddling around the house, getting them dirty and stained. Consider shutters that sit inside the window frame, or roller shades without cords; motorized shades are more convenient than spring-action shades, and very safe for children and pets.

You want to improve home security

You may not think of window treatments as part of your home's security, but thieves may not break into a home if they cannot see inside. Larger curtains or shades that completely block the windows, versus thin or undersized curtain panels, can then make your home a less desirable target. This is especially important if you have items in plain view of the windows that might interest thieves, such as a television or computer. Motorized window treatments on a timer can also make the home seem occupied, or you might set the timer to ensure that you don't forget to close the window treatments when you leave the house each morning.

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