Should You Replace Your Current Window Coverings with Shutters?

If you are planning on changing your window coverings, you should think about purchasing and installing shutters. Shutters are stable and robust, and they consist of a frame onto which louvres or solid panels are mounted. There are multiple benefits of selecting shutters over other traditional furnishing options. If you are not sure about this treatment choice, consider the outlined discussion on the potential advantages for your home.

Better Health

One of the common concerns when purchasing window furnishing is the health of the occupants. This factor is of particular importance if you are living with someone with a respiratory condition. Shutters will promote optimal health by minimising the dangers of poor indoor air quality. Unlike curtains and drapes, this treatment will not allow accumulation of dust. Dust build-up encourages the breeding of mites in addition to releasing dirt into the indoor circulation. Moreover, the shutters are easy to clean. A quick wipe with a wet cloth will eliminate any trace of dirt. 

Aesthetic Appeal

When choosing new window furnishings, you should consider the aesthetic appeal after installation. In general, all types of coverings will increase the attractiveness of your windows. However, shutters can cause a complete transformation in your home. When you install the shutters, they will conceal unsightly window structures in the interior space or external look. They provide an opportunity to reinvent your house at a low cost. Also, shutters are relatively permanent structures; they might increase the value of your home. 


Insulation has become an important issue to consider during home construction and renovation. Good thermal insulation will prevent the flow of heat into and from your house. And, acoustic insulation will prevent the conveyance of noise into your home from the external environment and vice versa. Shutters are made from materials such as wood, vinyl and fibreglass. These panels or louvres will create a barrier, improving both sound and heat insulation. You can reduce your HVAC bills significantly and create a more comfortable internal environment.

UV Protection

Ultraviolet radiation has an adverse effect when allowed to flow into the house. The harmful sunrays could cause skin damage to individuals exposed. Also, UV causes bleaching of furniture, flooring and carpets, necessitating replacement. The shutters provide a barrier against ultraviolet radiation because of their solidity. Also, you can choose shutters with operable louvres which can be turned to allow light to flow in without allowing direct sunlight.

Finally, you should remember that shutters are durable and not prone to damage. 

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