Two ways to get your garden ready for a barbecue

If you're planning to have a barbecue soon, there are a few steps that you should take to ensure that your garden is ready for the event. Read on to find out more.

Provide your guests with protection from the elements

It's important to be aware of the impact that the elements may have on your event; a sudden, unexpected rain shower could leave your guests drenched and your food destroyed. On the other hand, the blazing heat of the afternoon sun might make your visitors feel extremely warm, potentially to the point where they become ill and cannot enjoy their time at your home.

As such, it's sensible to take steps to ensure that your guests remain comfortable and relaxed, no matter what the weather. There are a few ways to do this. One option is to purchase one or two large garden umbrellas, which you can position directly over the seating areas. These are inexpensive, portable and provide a decent amount of protection from the elements. However, they do have a tendency to topple over when exposed to strong gusts of wind and as such, might not be the best purchase if you live in a region which is quite windy.

Another option is to have an awning fitted over your patio. Whilst awnings are more expensive than garden umbrellas, they're an excellent investment if you want a more robust and permanent way to protect yourself and your guests from the sun and the rain. Additionally they far more visually-pleasing than umbrellas. There is a wide range of designs and colours to choose from, so it should be quite easy to find one which blends in with your property's aesthetic.

Prep your outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture is usually made from durable materials which can withstand quite a bit of exposure to the elements before they begin to deteriorate. However, your chairs, benches and tables will eventually start to look a little worse for wear. Wooden items tend to fade to a dull grey colour over time, whilst the coating on metal furniture pieces usually starts to crack and peel off after a year or two. This can make your entire garden look a bit neglected and dated.

As such, it might be worth sprucing up your outdoor furniture in time for your barbecue. Wooden items should be thoroughly washed with a mild detergent and a scouring pad, rinsed and dried, before being sanded and covered in a couple of coats of varnish.

If your furniture is made from painted metal, you will need to use a wire brush to remove the patches of flaking paint. Then, you'll need to apply a coat of primer and leave it to dry, before dabbing paint onto the affected area.

It's best to do this task at least a week or so before the event so that the varnish or paint is completely dry before the furniture needs to be used.

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