Firewood: Get It Right by Learning Everything Here

Firewood is perhaps the cheapest source of energy in the world. It is readily available from naturally growing trees and thickets, proving its convenience for those who live in rural locations and have trouble accessing alternative sources of energy. Even though firewood is cheap and readily available, it is important to treat it with the same degree of importance that you accord other sources of energy. The following piece will provide insight on what you need to know about firewood.

Important Terminologies

In a world where you might be buying firewood on occasion, it is important to understand the terminologies used in that line of business. Here is a look:

  • Green Firewood – green firewood refers to firewood that has not been subjected to any form of drying. Green firewood has a high percentage of moisture and cannot be used to provide heat energy.
  • Seasoned Firewood – seasoned or dried firewood refers to firewood that has been allowed to dry naturally over time. Moisture is lost to natural heat provided by the sun.
  • Kiln Dried Firewood – as the name alludes, this firewood has been heated in a kiln at around two hundred degrees. The aim is to remove moisture quickly so that the firewood can be used as soon as possible.

Storing Your Firewood

If you have just harvested some trees or bought some firewood from a nearby vendor, you must store it properly to prevent losses and damage. Firewood should be stored in a shed with a roof to protect it from moisture. However, the structure should have open sides to maximize the flow of air between the pieces. This is important, especially for firewood that you are trying to season for future use. The air speeds up the drying process.

Essentially, the wood should not come into contact with water at any point in the course of storage. The wood can reabsorb high amounts of water and become unfit for use. Store it on pallets slightly above the ground to prevent the reabsorption of moisture. Lastly, don't keep firewood for many months as it attracts termites.

Firewood with Additives

When buying firewood, you should inspect it and look out for any chemicals used to treat or condition the wood. Wood with chemical additives and resins should not be burned because the fire can easily get out of hand. Pay particular attention when buying firewood made from pine because it is commonly used in treated or resinous form. Red gum firewood is generally a good type to start with. 

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