3 Purposes an Extra Large Carport Space Can Be Used For

If your home doesn't have a garage and building one is out of your price range, then adding a carport is an excellent alternative. They're a considerably less expensive and less complex addition to your home than a garage, and you generally won't need to get planning permission to have one built.

Although carports don't offer the same level of protection for your car as a garage, they will still provide excellent shelter from rain, hail, sun damage and frost. If you're having a carport built, then it's worth considering one that offers more undercover space than is needed to accommodate a car. Here are three extra purposes that an extra large carport space is ideal for.

1. Working on DIY projects

Often, the garage is used for the construction of DIY projects for around the home. If you don't have a garage, then you may be unable to work on your projects if the weather is inclement. A large carport can provide you with undercover space in which to work in all weather conditions. This is especially great for projects that involve painting, gluing, using power tools or any other task that would be difficult or dangerous to do in wet conditions.

2. Drying laundry

Getting your laundry dry during wet weather can be a challenge if you don't own a tumble dryer or prefer not to use yours due to the excessive running costs. Having a dry, undercover space to hang out your laundry is great for preventing the inevitable buildup of laundry during extended periods of rain. Your undercover clothesline doesn't need to be elaborate. Simply string up some nylon cord across the internal roof line of your carport's frame.

3. Storing firewood

If you rely on an open fire or wood burning heater to keep your home warm in winter, then having a dry place to store it is vital. A carport is an ideal location to protect your firewood from becoming wet and inefficient to burn. If your carport has a concrete or paved surface, then you can store the wood directly on top of it. If you have a dirt or gravel surface, then you should lay down some plastic sheeting to prevent your wood becoming wet from ground moisture.

A carport is an excellent addition for both storing your car and for making other aspects of home life easier and more efficient. Talk to your carport builder to discuss your plans and ensure that your new addition has all the space you need.

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