Everyday Maintenance to Ensure Your Home's Security

To ensure your home's security, you may want to install an alarm and a security screen and storm door. Beyond these obvious steps, however, there are some other means of keeping your home secure that you don't want to overlook, including maintenance of certain features around the property. Note what is meant by that, and a few everyday maintenance tasks that will ensure the safety and security of your home and property:

Remote Opener

Most garage doors will operate with a remote opener, for convenience and safety. A remote opener works with a signal that goes from the remote to the motherboard or the computer chip in the opener itself; while this is very convenient, note that some home intruders will be able to copy that signal when the opener is engaged. Just like copying the PIN for your debit card, once they have that number, they can use it on a remote of their own to open your home's garage door and easily gain access to the home.

This is why it's good to change that code often; your owner's manual will usually tell you how to do that. You might also invest in a system that rotates the signal automatically. This will reduce the chance of someone copying the function of your opener and being able to open your home's garage themselves.

Window locks

Heavy-duty locks on the windows can ensure that they're secure, but note that window locks can come loose over time. This is especially true for wood windows, as the wood may soften or expand and shrink, allowing it to warp or become misshapen. Check the locks every month or annually, or as often as necessary to ensure they're securely in place; change the screws or connectors as needed, so the locks are strong and firm and work to keep the windows securely closed.


A good fence can keep your property very secure, but only if that fence and the gate attached to it are in good repair. Inspect your fence regularly for any parts that are sagging and which are then easy to climb over. Look for rusted links or areas of mesh; that corrosion makes it easy for someone to cut through the metal and slip through the fence. If your property has a wood fence, look for rotted slats or panels and change those as needed, so they can't be easily pried away. Keeping your fence in good repair will then keep your property more secure and deter potential intruders.

Contact companies that offer remote control doors for more information and assistance. 

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