3 Crucial Factors to Consider When Designing Your New Garage

The safest place to store a car in your home is inside a garage. This is because the fully enclosed design of a garage makes it possible to keep your car out of sight and safe from would-be thieves. If you are considering building a new garage in your home, there's a host of design factors that you will need to think through so as to have a truly functional and perhaps aesthetic space. 

Here's a rundown of top factors to consider before getting started with the project.

Building permission

The first and important thing to consider before embarking on any home addition project is to determine whether or not it is possible to legally perform the project. Based upon local building codes, you may require a building permit to build a new garage in your home. Visit the offices of your local building department to know exactly what you're legally permitted to do on your residential property. There may be building regulations on size, design and location of the garage. Making final decisions on the design of your garage will be much easier once you find out what you can build within the confines of the local building codes.

Available space 

How much space is available for you to build a new garage on your residential property? You might want to construct a garage with a large floor space, but you can't do that when there isn't enough space to build outwards, for example. A clever way to go about this problem would be to construct a double-storey garage, so that you can use the lower floor for your car storage and the upper floor for your extra storage needs. If you will be building upwards, you should be mindful of height restrictions that may apply to your garage construction project.

Attached or detached garage

Garages can be attached to the main house or built separate from it. Mostly, making a choice is simply a matter of personal preference and the available budget. It is, however, important to note that the proposed design should meet local building code requirements, improve the functionality of your existing property, and not detract architectural appeal, generally speaking.

These garage design factors are just but a few crucial ones you'll need to know about before getting started. There may be other important factors to ponder over when coming up with a design for your garage construction. Consult a contractor that specialises in home addition projects to help you come up with a garage design that matches your exact requirements.

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