Small Bathroom Design For A Bathtub Lover: 2 Things To Consider For Your Over-The-Bath Showerhead

Small bathrooms are increasingly unavoidable part of modern life. As the desire for large, open-plan living increases, the available space left for bathrooms is shrinking. Fortunately, there are many smart design options and product lines which are available to make the most of the space available and create a bathroom that feels light and spacious.

One of the main features of small bathroom design is to save space by not having a bath tub. However, if you love a long soak in the tub, then this may be an unthinkable compromise. You can keep your tub and still have a functional shower by adding an over-the-bath shower head.

While this will still take up a little more space than just having a shower, it is still more compact than having both in separate positions. If this sounds a good idea for your new bathroom, then here are two important things to consider.

1. You'll still need a shower screen

When thinking about an over-the-tub shower, the ugly and gaudy shower curtains of decades past may immediately spring to mind. Shower curtains are still an option, and they even come in more fashionable designs these days. However, they're also impractical, hard to clean and can add unwanted clutter to a small space.

The best option is to have a shower screen installed that's specifically designed for an over-the-bath set up. Choose one that features a single or double pivot point so that you can fold it back against the wall if you're using the bath and don't want to feel penned in. 

2. You'll need a non-slip surface

Bathtubs aren't designed for standing up in, so they can become a slipping hazard if you're also using them to shower. For safety reasons, you'll need to make sure that you create a non-slip surface underneath the shower head.

An easy and removable option is to use a non-slip bath mat or a set of decorative appliques. These are attached using suction pads and can be easily removed when they're not in use. If you don't like the look of mats or appliques, then a non-slip coating might be a better choice.

Generally made from an epoxy compound, these coatings are sprayed onto the bath surface to create a permanent non-slip surface. The colour of the spray will match your bathtub, making it a virtually invisible and unobtrusive way to make your over-the-bath shower safe.

If you're a bath lover, then a bathroom without one is probably not a compromise you're willing to make. These two tips will allow you to have the luxury of a bath and still have the practicality of a shower as well.

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