2 Ways To Create Privacy For The Outdoor Living Space In Your Inner-City Home

Living in an inner-city suburb has many attractions. You're close to the hub of the city and have easy access to cultural attractions, restaurants and nightlife venues. Inner-city housing, whether it's a flat, duplex or townhouse, is generally more densely clustered than suburban or small-town housing. This can mean you have a lot less privacy, particularly in the outdoor space of your home.

Fortunately, it's easy to increase the privacy of your balcony, deck, or patio with some inexpensive and readily available additions. Here are two ways that you can create more privacy in your inner-city home's outdoor living space.

1. A privacy screen

A privacy screen is the most effective way to completely block the view of your outdoor space off from neighbours or passers-by. You can opt for a fixed screen which is attached to the structure of your home. If you're renting or want a screen that provides a versatility of use, then a portable and foldable privacy screen might be the better option.

Privacy screens can be made from several different materials. Timber and aluminium are popular choices because they're inexpensive, light and can be manufactured into a wide variety of sizes and designs. To create a screen that is highly decorative as well as ensuring privacy, an ornate laser cut screen is a striking and unique option.

Louvres are also a fantastic addition to a privacy screen. They allow you to have complete control over the level of privacy they create and also mean you can open them to allow sunshine, light and fresh air through as needed.

2. Some screening plants

An attractive, simple and non-permanent way to add privacy to your home's outdoor living space is to use plants to create a living screen. Using plants has the added benefit of creating a lush and serene oasis in the midst of the inner-city hustle and bustle.

Climbing plants such as Jasmine, Ivy and Climbing Rose varieties will all grow densely over a lightweight trellis. These plants also provide wonderful scents and colourful blooms to enhance your outdoor space. Potted plants such as Rosemary and Lilac, and shrubs like Box Leaf Privet or Gardenia which are commonly used for hedges, also make thick and luxurious privacy screens.

Creating more privacy for your outdoor living space is easy and effective with these two ideas for screening. They'll help transform your inner-city balcony, deck or patio into your own personal retreat.

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