4 Eco-Friendly Pest Control Solutions to Consider

One of the most effective ways to eradicate pests is by using appropriate pesticides. However, not all pesticides are friendly to the environment. Some pesticides contain harmful chemicals that infiltrate different systems and cause significant collateral damage to the ecosystem. With increased environmental awareness, more people are adopting eco-friendlier alternatives when dealing with pesky pests. 

Apart from adopting pest-repellent plants, consider the following pest control measures that present little impact on the environment, unlike synthetic pesticides:

Consider Proofing

Larger pests, including mice and rats, can cause massive damage when allowed to enter your property. However, one eco-friendly approach to dealing with them is preventing them from gaining access to your home. Popular entry points include air vents, drain pipes and attic spaces. Ideally, you can modify these areas using wire mesh and other appropriate barriers to deter such pests from entering. Most importantly, if you notice the presence of any mice or rats in your home, consult professional pest exterminators and request professional home proofing. 

Use Diatomaceous Earth 

Generally, diatomaceous earth contains crushed shells collected from fossilised algae. Besides acting as a natural remedy to different diseases, diatomaceous earth is an excellent non-toxic pest control alternative. This powder contains abrasive particles with jagged edges harmful to soft-bodied insects, including snails, aphids, caterpillars, etc. However, be wary of using diatomaceous earth because it can also impact beneficial organisms and getting professional advice before use can be prudent. 

Consider Microbial Insecticides 

Often, some traditional pesticides might harm the ecosystem, causing considerable collateral damage to different insects and animal species. However, you can fix this problem using microbial insecticides. These insecticides contain various microorganisms that target specific pests, resulting in illness and subsequent death. You can find different microbial insecticides effective in reducing and eliminating harmful pests, including moths and armyworms. They typically work by paralysing the pests' digestive systems and causing eventual death.

Invest in Insecticidal Soaps 

Another eco-friendly method to control common pests is using insecticidal soaps. These are typically oil and soap mixtures that cause adverse effects on different insects, including earwigs, aphids and whiteflies. While they are less targeted than their microbial insecticide counterparts, they are often more effective than conventional pesticides. Generally, insecticidal soaps have a corrosive effect on the outer shells of most pests. Consequently, this causes the insects' cell membranes to break down, causing subsequent dehydration and death. If you choose to use insecticidal soaps, test them on a smaller area to determine whether they will harm the plants in your yard. 

Are you looking for an eco-friendly solution to your persistent pest problem? Consider these four effective solutions and consult professional pest control services for more environmentally friendly alternatives. 

Contact a pest control company to learn more. 

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