How Plantation Shutters Are Superior to Blinds

Traditional blinds like Venetian blinds or roman blinds share many similarities with plantation shutters. And because of that, you might be unsure which window treatment to choose when upgrading your windows. But although they are similar in some ways, ultimately, the advantages of plantation shutters make them superior to window blinds.

Here are some of the most important advantages that plantation shutters have over traditional window blinds.

1. Internal or external placement

Plantation shutters are made of strong materials like aluminium, PVC and wood. And plantation shutters are solid and thick. When placing your plantation shutters, you can place them either externally or internally. Because of the durability of the materials used to make plantation shutters, plantation shutters have some weather protection. Window blinds are only suitable for an internal placement.

2. More durable

Window blinds do come in many materials like plastic, fabric and wood. But they are thinner and smaller than plantation shutters. Because of that, window blinds don't last as long as plantation shutters do.

3. Easier to clean and maintain

The sturdiness and solidness of plantation shutters, as well as their fixed positioning, means that plantation shutters are easier to clean and maintain. As you wipe down plantation shutters, they won't move around like blinds, nor will their louvres bend as you wipe them.

4. Safer for children

Window blinds tend to operate with cords. This makes them a safety risk in households with children. And window blinds don't provide much of a barrier to curious children that might want to open a window on an upper floor. Plantation shutters come with locks that prevent children from opening them. Plantation shutters also don't have cords.

5. Can be opened or closed like doors

You can raise blinds up or down. But with plantation shutters, you can adjust the louvres while keeping the shutters closed like doors. This ability gives you a little more privacy than traditional blinds. And, if you choose to, you can open up plantation shutters completely to let in more light or provide you with a better view of the outside.

6. Can act as an extra layer of window security

Because plantation shutters are solid and sturdy, and you can lock them, they provide you with an additional layer of window security. This means they may help to keep burglars at bay. But window blinds can provide little protection against determined burglars.

Plantation shutters have many advantages over traditional window blinds. They may be more expensive, but the many advantages offered by plantation shutters make them a better option than window blinds. Learn more about your options by contacting plantation shutter contractors.

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