When Your Home Security Needs an Update

Home security should be important for any homeowner, no matter your neighborhood and even if you don't think you have anything in the home worth stealing. If your home were to suffer a break-in, the cost of replacing even an older television and other electronics could be very steep, and a thief making off with your computer and all the sensitive information inside could also be quite devastating! To ensure your home and all your belongings, and of course your family, are all safe, note a few signs that it might be time to update all the features of your home security.

Locks and deadbolts

If your home has door locks that are a few years old, it's probably time for an upgrade. Many older locks work with pins or tumblers, and these can be manipulated or even forced open somewhat easily with any number of household tools, including paperclips, screwdrivers, and the like. A new lock that works with an electronic code, and one made of thicker metal that is difficult to pry open, can keep your home secure.

A low-quality deadbolt that isn't very large might only rest slightly in the chamber in the doorframe, so that it can be forced open with a good swift kick. You might engage the deadbolt while the door is open and note how long the bolt itself extends past the door; if it's just a few inches or centimeters, this might not be long enough to keep the doorway very secure. Upgrading to a larger, longer, and even a thicker deadbolt, can mean securing your door from a forced entry.

Other exterior features

Note your property's appearance at night; would it be easy for a potential thief to hide behind shrubbery and in dark areas of the lot? If so, it may be time to upgrade to motion detectors attached to lights, to reduce these potential hiding spots for intruders. Note the property's fence; would it be easy for someone to quickly scale or climb it? If you aren't able to change the fence itself, consider adding some thorny shrubs in front of it, to discourage someone from climbing it.

Consider, too, if you need to extend your security features to a detached garage, if that structure only has a low-quality, outdated lock on its door. Add a commercial-quality deadbolt to the inside of the garage door, and motion detectors with lights to the sides and front of the garage, to discourage potential thieves from breaking into the garage itself.

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